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Contact me to get your free copy of the Tree Owners Manual which is everything you ever need to know about buying, planting, and caring for your trees--a valuable resource on your property!  Check out the PDF on this site under Appreciate Nature and Books, Links, and Handouts.  Download the PDF or contact me for your free copy.


Urban Forest Consulting & Grant Writing

Urban Forest Consulting Services-improving the nature of trees in your community

The urban forest in any town, city, suburb, or ex-urban area is a complex part of the urban natural resources ecosystem that should be cared for like any other segment of the community infrastructure.

Caring for this vital urban natural resource:

  1. Can lower the liability a community can encounter by not caring for the trees on public property. Not caring for the urban forest may create risk trees that can harm individuals and private property.
  2. Improves the water and air quality for the entire community.
  3. Offers residents and businesses a sense of place, a sense of community, and generates revenue. Research has proven that people prefer to live in clean, green communities, and relocating businesses prefer their employees and facilities be in a livable and walkable community filled with trees. 
  4. Brings nature to urban dwellers.


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Green Cities, Good Health!

Human Dimensions of Urban Forestry and Greening

IN2Trees provides an array of urban forestry consulting services that include:

  • Urban forest assessment of needs
  • Grant research
  • Grant writing
  • Public tree ordinance development and guidance
  • Community tree workshops
  • Brochure design and development
  • Tree Board development and guidance


Pamela C. Louks has 25 years of experience in urban forestry and utilizes her strong knowledge base and connections to help communities in Central Indiana find ways to better manage their urban forest. During her career as the Urban Forestry Coordinator for the State of Indiana, she wrote, applied, was awarded, and managed millions of dollars in federal, state, and corporate grants. Under her leadership, the grants were awarded to cities, towns, and non- profits throughout Indiana to improve their urban forests. She travelled extensively throughout Indiana to assist communities with urban forestry program development and urban forest improvement.

BA in Journalism from St. Mary of the Woods College
Grants 101: Professional Grant Proposal Research and Writing, The Grant Institute
International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist
Urban Forest Management: Stevens Point University at Wisconsin
Tree Inventories: Stevens Point University at Wisconsin
Leadership Institute
Instructors Training Course for Public Speaking
Published writer in national and state trade magazines and local newspapers
Instructor and speaker on a variety of urban forestry and arboriculture issues
Developed Indiana Community Tree Steward Program for Indiana, DNR, Division of Forestry
Editor, Hoosier Arborist for Indiana Arborist Association
Member: Indiana Arborist Association, International Society of Arboriculture, Society of Municipal Arborists

To schedule an appointment, call IN2Trees at 317-385-6476 or Email: