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Meet Pam


Photo of photographer, writer, and arborist in kayak on Grand Sable Lake


So, who is this person who waxes poetic about simple things? I am a photographer, a certified arborist, an educator, and an urban forester. 
I place a very high value on nature and all it does for us. I am a natural resource professional who knows that all the money making, political games, and deal making MAKES not an iota of difference for anyone if our environment cannot sustain us.

I know that the simple act of planting a tree is a simple act with far reaching effects for towns, neighborhoods, and rural areas (what there is left of rural areas). I know trees are part of the solution to help make our cities, towns, neighborhoods, and communities healthier.

I know that they cost less money to plant and net more energy savings and health revenue than wind farms and polluting power plants. We don't need MORE energy. We need to use LESS. Trees can help us do that. If you are interested, take a look at the research on the Appreciate Nature page.
We are not taking good care of our Earth. Our natural resources are dwindling. If they are not dwindling, then they are not healthy. If our natural resources are not healthy. We are not healthy. Trees can make us better.

We can spend time in nature and meditate ourselves right out of a depression or bad mood. Yet, we sit at computers and desks. Spend hours commuting in vehicles inhaling fumes. (I know, I did it for years). If we are outside, we are running or walking in large groups talking. That’s ok. Socialization is crucial. But, so is silent time. Walking and observing the nature around us can lead us to surprising facts about ourselves or issues we may face.

We are part of the natural world, but, we are leaving our natural selves behind. 
Slow down. Take a few minutes each day to be alone and just think. And, do it out of doors or in front of a window that looks out to a natural scene. Shut off the electronics. Yes, you can live without your phone for at least 15 minutes! Get the kids out, the parents out, the grandparents and aunts and uncles out. For just awhile......

My photos and this website may lead you to ponder how you value the Earth you live on. They may just entice you to take better care of it. You may even plant a tree or save a woodlot in your neighborhood.

The photographs were taken in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, all over Indiana, Sanibel Island, Florida, but, mostly just around where I live.