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Forest Floor
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Forest Floor
Forest Floor

Take a walk in the urban forest or rural forest after the rain.  They usually tell walkers, look straight ahead or to the side.  If you look down, you might have a misstep.  I challenge you to look down while walking in the forest.  Look at the duff on the forest floor, inhale the fragrance of a wet woodland or forest or tree in your backyard.  Look at all the micro communities that join together to make that spongy, woodsy floor.  They are all connected, and have a symbiotic, depending on  you, type of relationship.  Life is short, don't miss a walk in the rainy mist or just after the rain.

But, if you live in a city filled with concrete, do the next best thing.  Buy this picture, tell Pam you want it as big as it will go.  Then hang it on your wall and take an inside walk on the wild side.

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