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Grandma's Piney
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Grandma's Piney
Grandma's Piney

The Peony Paeonia is the state flower of Indiana (so named in 1957 replacing the Zinnia). I don’t know why. It isn’t native, but, we must accept what makes no sense sometimes. This lovely flower has been in my life from day 1. I remember my Grandma had a yard full of them. She called them “Pineys”. I like that name better. It isn’t so fancy schmancy. Once the Pineys bloomed in May, Grandma and her girls picked them and laid them on family graves for Memorial Day. Once my Mom had a home of her own, she took starts of the flowers and had them in her own yard as did my other Aunts. And, they continued my Grandma’s tradition of visiting the family graves.

During the month of May, Mom and her sisters would fret. “What will we do if the Pineys don’t bloom in time for Decoration Day?” But, they always did.

And then, what I thought was great fun, became a lesson in learning, and one that has never left me. Mom, Aunt Peg, and Cousin Mary would clip the flowers, put them in mason jars and set out to ‘visit the graves.’ I tagged along as did other cousins and my own sister. Various cemeteries and family members who resided in them were visited. Flowers were put down and the grave sites tidied. Then, the stories began. Stories about the person or persons we were visiting. Not how they died, but, how they lived, the funny things they said, quilts they made, where they lived, and the never ending of ‘who was related to who’ and on what level.

I didn’t know until years later how valuable these visits and lessons would become to me. How they would stay with me along with the memory moments of those days. I still recall and cherish them. And, for me, it all began with the Piney. By the way, this lovely bud is off a bush that now grows in my yard. The bush is one off of my Moms start which is off of my Grandma’s original Piney bush in her yard of many, many years ago. By the way, never, never say thank you when someone gives you a plant. It is a bad omen for the plant according to my Aunt Eunice!

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