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Superior Slap
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Superior Slap
Superior Slap

The Ojibwa call the lake Gichigami meaning be a big sea. Henry Wordsworth Longfellow, in his poem, Hiawatha, called it Gitchee Gumee-the shining Big-Sea-Water.  I just know it as the lake that has a mind of its own.   It can push you away or let you come in on a calm day.  On this day, it tried to push me away with waves that thundered along the shore.  But, I persisted.  It was just too good!   The lake was blue, blue, blue, and the spray and white caps were the whitest of white.  Colors like this cannot be accurately reproduced by the human hand.  Only the Divine Creator can do this type of work.  I was a soaking mass of shivers when I finished the shoot.   I have no sense when it comes to shooting Lake Superior, and I have run from and been knocked down by rogue waves more than once.   I know my limits with Superior.  I don’t test the shining waters.   It has my profoundest respect.  And, the colors in this photo?  They are very close, but, as I said……

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