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Let the Sun Shine In
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Let the Sun Shine In
Let the Sun Shine In

When I walk on the shores of Superior, it is either cold and cloudy, or so bright and sunny, that even sunglasses don’t keep you from squinting.  Superior puts on lots of different shows.  I have seen it calm, a little choppy, and seen waves crashing up on the high banks so hard that spray touched my face way upon the bluff above.  But, on this day, the Big Shining Water is calm and living up to its nickname.   The day was cold and snapped at my face in spite of the sun.  The air I breathed in was fresh and clean mingled with the scents of water tinged with a little fish, vegetation, and the ever present aroma of pine.  No air freshener can duplicate this.  I can’t take it home, but, a picture will jog my memory and take me back to that moment of sun and the memory of a little child sing songing let the sun shine in……

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