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Dogwood and Dewdrops
Nature Photography > Dogwood and Dewdrops
Dogwood and Dewdrops
Dogwood and Dewdrops

Trees are a bloomin’!  If you play your cards right and travel Indiana from south to north making your treks two weeks apart—then, you can see two and maybe three springs!   The Northern part of the state sees spring last and the South region first.  But, if you just can’t see yourself doing that much travelling around the state or the Midwest, then, do the next best thing.   Put this photograph on your wall.   I love walking outdoors after a rain and watching my trees soak it up and make good use of each and every drop. The leaves and the branches hold onto their water bounty before letting the drops fall slowly to the ground giving each drop time to filter into the soil, cleaning it and our water.  Clean soil, clean air, and clean water.  Trees just do it all for us, don’t they?

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