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Fall Colors
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Fall Colors
Fall Colors

The colors. In the Midwest, we look to the trees to color our transition from summer to fall. The talk is all about the fall color. And, when they pop. They pop! This Maple tree, all dressed up for its visitors, nearly required that I wear sunglasses to visit and photograph it. The Earth was warm to the touch, the tree's bark-receptive to a few gentle pats—was warm also. I breathed deeply of the fragrance of the turning leaves and gloried in a warm special moment of joy. You know- we have everyday life with beautiful moments and fleeting joys. It is these moments that we can capture in our hearts and minds and bring out when times are not so joyous and beautiful. Plan to take a fall hike to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox and make a joyous memory. But, if you can’t, hang this one where it can greet you and push forth a joyous memory moment- just when you need it most.
It is important to take the little times, and make them into big times, and to savor and bring them out, for when times are not so good. A visit to a tree can help what ails you.

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