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Hearts a Burstin'
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Hearts a Burstin'
Hearts a Burstin'

I love it when the name of a plant is regionally based.  Take this one for instance. Its Latin name is Euonymus.  This poor little tree/shrub could have an identity crisis with so many regionally based common names.  One of its common names is bursting heart.  But, around here, we call it hearts-a-burstin’.  I like that much better, don’t you?  When its hearts burst open in the fall, with the pink/red leaves, it can bring a smile.  Shhh.  Don’t tell anyone, but, we dug this one up while canoeing.  The little seedling was standing in a fence row with its mates who were bursting with color. It was so tiny.  But, we dug it up, wrapped it up in a moist bundle of cloth, and took it on a long canoe ride. As soon as we got home, we carefully placed it in its new home and spit in the planting hole (which is what my Mom did to help give new trees a good chance to grow).  This tree and the suckers it produced managed to live and bring smiles to visitors for about 20 years.  The little tree that brings a smile to those who pass by, and an “ooh, pretty" to their lips. Such a special gift of nature.

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