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Glory of Summer
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Glory of Summer
Glory of Summer

One packet of Morning glory seeds dropped into a planter outside my back door on the deck.  A simple spring season action resulting in a surprise of beauty, color, and mystery!   When I planted these seeds, I was hoping to attract humming birds near my swing shack. Nothing more.   What I got was this beautiful flower that greeted me each morning when I opened the door and walked out into the morning.  The color was startling blue. And, if the dew was heavy, the drops on the flowers and buds shimmered like crystals. But, there’s more.   The package said the flowers were blue.  The seed packet photo showed a blue flower.  But, one morning, filled with a worrisome issue, I walked out, and one flower greeted me.  It was blue outlined in magenta.   Mysterious gift and message that all would turn out well?  Or just a seed crossing during packaging?  My money is on the mystery.  We all need mystery.  We all need hope at one time or another.

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