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Blossoms of Spring
Nature Photography > Blossoms of Spring
Blossoms of Spring
Blossoms of Spring

After a long winter, the trees are ready to put on their spring show.  The buds, flowers and leaves all work together to produce the fruit whether it be apples or nuts. Most folks don’t really care why the trees have flowers.  They just want to see them.  They want a tree like that in their yard.  They want to go outside and have an ‘aha’ moment.  But, this tree was along a forest trail on a warm, mushroom hunting spring day in Mississinewa State Recreation Area.  Imagine walking along, head down looking for that elusive morel.  Your neck tires, your morel bag is empty, and you are done.  No morels for me today.  You look up, and nearly slam into the prettiest branch you have ever seen near a forest trail.  The prize was not morels, it was the beauty of spring.  It was a lesson in not paying attention to natures gifts. 



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