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Birches & Maples Popping
Nature Photography > Birches & Maples Popping
Birches & Maples Popping
Birches & Maples Popping

The North Country.  In my life, no season is complete until I have made a foray into the remote wilderness of the North Country.  And, it has to be a day when the sky is blue, the sun is peeking out early in the morning, or just entering the twilight hours.  It has to be a time when the light makes the forest come alive with light and shadow.  And, while a moment in nature does not have to be breathtaking-this one was.  The brightness and contrast overwhelmed the senses.  And, I share it with you—just in case you do not know a north country spot—or as a reminder of the beauty if you do.  Enjoy.

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