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Winter Show Offs
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Winter Show Offs
Winter Show Offs

You know, trees like to strut their stuff.  Think about it.  They have colorful buds and flowers in the spring, greens in the summer, colors in the fall, and the silhouettes in shades of gray and black in the winter.   And, it is in the winter that they can really put on a show when the hoar frost makes a debut.  According to hoar frost happens when an interlocking arrangement of white ice crystals are loosely deposited on the ground or any exposed object forming on very cold nights when heat is lost into the sky causing objects to become colder than the air that surrounds it.  I don’t know if I understand that.  All I know is that it is one of the most beautiful gifts nature gives Midwesterners in winter.  I know you want this picture of this show off tree on your wall.  But, please, the next time you receive the gift of a hoar frost, go outside, listen to the quiet, look around you, and be in the moment of beauty.  

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