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Winter Monet Meadow
Nature Photography > Winter Monet Meadow
Winter Monet Meadow
Winter Monet Meadow

An early morning hike.  When the hoar frost comes on, I am out there.   I look out my window, throw on whatever clothes, grab the gear, and head out.  I love the vision of ice crystals, seeing the trees wrapped in shimmering colors as the sun hits the crystals just right.   I love the crunch of the frost and snow under my feet, the cold air filling my senses, and seeing the clean air I am breathing- thanks to the trees- as my breathe comes out in white puffs.   Sure, my hands are cold.  I never could shoot with gloves on.  But, I know that this frosty morning will be gone in a flash as the sun warms things up.  And, then, things will just go back to being that kind of winter blah look.  But, when the frost comes on, everything changes.   An air of mystery surrounds each plant on the ground, and the branches in the trees.  The beauty is astounding, and, I just have to take a moment to offer thanks to this moment granted me. 

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