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Winter Delight
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Winter Delight
Winter Delight

I love to share my morning coffee with the cardinals that gather at the forest edge and prepare to dine at their feeding station.  During the morning feeding frenzy, they rest on nearby tree branches.  It is almost like they are saying to themselves, “There she is.  That human.  She is going to set down her coffee and come at us with that camera.  Well, she feeds us, so we best do some posing for her.  After all, she does keep us supplied with black oiled sunflower seeds.  And, that is our favorite.  That is why we dine here instead of at the neighbors down the road.” 

Now, I know they are birds and don’t talk, but, I do like to imagine what they might say if they did share a conversation with a human.   But, in reality,  I am happy to watch them, give them their favorite treats, and offer their startling beauty against the snowy, frosty morn to you, my friends----just in case they are not dining at  your house on this frosty morn! 

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