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Welcome to My Pad
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Welcome to My Pad
Welcome to My Pad

A summer hike on an Indiana, hot, sticky, humid day netted me a quick moment to observe a quiet pond.  As my eyes roved the scene with my camera lens, and, I continually flicked sweat drops out of my eyes, I came upon a critter watching me.   This little frog seemed to be smiling and inviting me into his world.  He waited while I poised my camera. I took the shot, and he continued to sit there watching. He most likely was waiting for a juicy morsel to fly by so he could latch onto supper with a quick flick of the tongue.  But, just maybe, he was watching me as intently as I was watching him.   During moments like this, I like to put down my camera, and just ‘be,’ and wallow in the beauty of nature.  When I did this, I not only was seeing the activity in the pond community, I was also hearing.  Birds were chirping –sporadically-- since, I think they too must have been sweltering in the summer steam.  Insects were having a heyday. The buzzing mosquito, drone of a bee, chorus of frogs, chirp of crickets and cicadas, and, then, finally, the sound of footsteps ended my reverie as all the sounds ceased.  I picked up my camera, looked around for my next shot, and moved on to explore more of the gardens at TC Steele State Historical Site.

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